Germanic Taboo Glottalization as a Defense Mechanism Against Vowels—ʔAnna-ʔEmily ʔI. ʔOlivier-ʔUnderhill SpecGram Vol CLXXXIV, No 2 Contents Good Enough for Folk Etymology—Part IV—A. Pocryphal & Verity du Bius

K-LIŊ Linguistic Radio

In an attempt to attract more people to Linguistics, not only was there an increase in the number of pop songs and films produced by and for linguists, but there was also a short-lived linguistic radio station broadcasting from Dogtooth, North Dakota, in the 1990s.

The signal was so weak that the estimated listenership peaked at twelve. Once sheep and farm cats were subtracted from the total, this dropped to four. However, one listener, Nantucket McWhiskey, accidentally recorded some short snippets of the station by accident while trying to record a mix-tape for his beau. The following segment has been transcribed by SpecGram interns at great personal cost.

DJ: That was MT Grammar with his newest release, Can’t Parse This. This is K-LIŊ and I’m Curt Answer. On today’s show, we’ll be revealing this week’s top ten linguistics choons, announcing the winner of our “name an IPA symbol” competition and, at five, we’ll be joining Alex Null for today’s debate entitled “Do conlangs harm elephants?” But first, here’s Chet with the news and weather.

Chet: Morning, Curt. Here are today’s headlines. There have been scenes of sorrow and distress since the LSA announced that their next conference wouldn’t take place in Omemee. The scientific committee cited the lack of a university and issues with transportation as the main factors in their decision, especially since Fred’s pick-up is still in the shop.

In traffic, an overturned theory has led to an ego backup right around Highway 5, with an overspill down to the Happy Trill Diner. Beryl has offered free biscuits and gravy to all stuck drivers, as long as they submit a research proposal first.

In weather, a high pressure system and passing hot air are expected to produce showers of papers and a theoretical avalanche. Holders of data are asked to stay clear of all roads to Tenure until the storm passes.

And that’s the news and weather.

Station Ident: K-LIŊ: linguistics radio the way you want it. This is the Curt Show.

DJ: And we’re back live from Dogtooth broadcasting all day, every day, until the state police figure us out. Coming up next are your top ten linguistic hits, but first, here’s your favourite single from the Grice Girls, When Proof Becomes Puns.

Germanic Taboo Glottalization as a Defense Mechanism Against VowelsʔAnna-ʔEmily ʔI. ʔOlivier-ʔUnderhill
Good Enough for Folk EtymologyPart IVA. Pocryphal & Verity du Bius
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIV, No 2 Contents