HAIRGEL: A Preview SpecGram Vol CLXXXIV, No 1 Contents Mix & Match ※—Max & Mitch Ninelette


We live in an age in which scientific knowledge is growing by leaps and bounds. An age in which each new piece of knowledge enriches technology. An age in which the production of marvels the past had only dreamed of, or never could have conceived of, is easy and economical. An age in which lightning boils our water, in which goo from the ground heats our homes, in which lowly fungi save us from disease. And now, it is an age in which the rules of thought keep us fed!

In a triumph of high technology, our firm, Prima­lecker­früh­stücks­fleischer­zeugungs­begüns­tigungs­gesellschaft GmbH, and its American subsidiary Primlick Inc., are pleased to announce the first industrial application of generative linguistic theory to lunch meats. Inspired by discussions of the creation in situ of the Prädikatsaussage, our team of highly trained lunch meat specialists applied their German industrial prowess to replicate this process of generation in the lab, and after a prolonged and painstaking process of development, we are pleased to offer for sale the newest meat product to brighten the dinner table and the lunch box, Predicate Sausage.

Available at the finer delicatessens near you!

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HAIRGEL: A Preview
Mix & Match ※Max & Mitch Ninelette
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIV, No 1 Contents