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Occam’s Blazers

Headteachers of English Public Schools,

Have you noticed your third formers turning up for Latin in all manner of shabby “high street” garb emblazoned with uncouth global capitalist slogans such as “Nike” and “Adidas”? That’s no way to go about educating the next generation of members of the British cabinet and captains of industry. No, sir.

Mercifully, thanks to the weaving excellence of 14th century English monasticism, we can offer you Ockham’s Blazers. Variety is outstandardization is in! Individualisation is out; the impersonal is in!

That’s right. At Ockham’s Blazers we produce only one variety of public school blazers. Not only does that keep our prices low, but more importantly, it means that your third formers will never develop a sense of self, maintaining their locus of control firmly around “the way we’ve always done it”.

Order Ockham’s Blazers for your prep school today!

Ockham’s “Nay, Sir!”Advertisement
Occam’s PhaserAdvertisement
SpecGram Vol CLXXXIII, No 2 Contents