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From the Archives!Rasmus, the Fragrance

The SpecGram Archive Elves™

As reported earlier, our very own Butch McBastard exhumed a satchel of papers and other miscellanea labeled, “Top Secret SpecGram Time Capsule, 1964Do Not Open for 50 Years!” The increasingly time-consuming bickering with the SpecGram legal team over potential incriminating evidence proprietary information proceeds, but we are again able to share with our readers some of the bounty discovered within the satchel.

Here is a photo of the twenty-first archival item, an elegant bottle of Rasmus, the Fragrance. The accompanying card is reproduced and transcribed below.

Intrinsic. Introducing RASMUS, an intimate new fragrance from the editor of the Icelandic Lexicon. Tonic. Iconic. Enjoy the lavish aroma of old manuscripts and deep scholarship. Emphatic. Didactic. Axiomatic. RASMUS

In addition to this particular item, this month we also have a small sheaf of posters from the SpecGram Ministry of Propaganda; we can’t slack off on that, can we?

Biscuits and Languages: A Discerning Human’s Tasting GuideAdham Smart
From the Archives!SpecGram Propaganda VIThe SpecGram Archive Elves™
SpecGram Vol CLXXVIII, No 1 Contents