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Pragmatic Scientist

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (dstl)
Level 5–7; Perth, Scotland

Job Description

We require one or more dstl Level 5–7 Pragmatic Scientists to join our Cognitive Combat Systems programme (CoCS) at the dstl/FCO joint Rapid Lexical Sememe Collider facility in Perth, Scotland.

The role exists within the Weaponised Pragmatics Team S (WePraT-S), who have recently made a breakthrough in the isolation of individual Pragmions from larger Pragmemes. The successful candidate will support the team in various projects working on the enrichment of extracted Pragmions and synthesis of hypothetical Superpragmemes from Pragmions, Raciarks and Denyitdron, as well as carrying out first feasibility studies on the potential use of Superpragmemes in non-lethal warfare and public counterintelligence. The right candidate will have the opportunity to act as a conduit between stakeholders within the Army Front Line Command and the newly created Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU).

Person Specification

Previous experience in subpragmatic analysis or theoretical pragmatics is essential. The applicant will have previous experience of carrying out and analysing high energy cognitive accelerator experiments. Some familiarity with current work in psychological counterintelligence or paranormal physics is desirable but not absolutely necessary. The candidate should have some familiarity with the framework of Britishe Lynguistick, but full training on relevant points will be provided.


The applicant should have a good higher degree in pragmatics, linguistics, cognitive science or neuroengineering with a significant component of theoretical or experimental pragmatics. A secondary degree or previous publications in a relevant adjacent field would be advantageous.

Security Clearance Requirement

Candidates must be UK nationals. Due to the sensitive nature of our work we are not able to consider dual nationals or spouses of EU nationals. All appointments are subject to standard Security Clearance (SC).

Apply and Further Information

Contact points for applicants: cocs.careers@dstl.gov.uk or +44 (0)20 7008 1500.

Closing date for applications: 31 March 2017.

Sprachgeist Guides for the Linguist on the Go!Part VIBook Announcement from Panini Press
A Diagonal Latin SquareUlfheðnar ber Sarkur
SpecGram Vol CLXXVII, No 3 Contents