/nuz baɪts/ SpecGram Vol CLXXVII, No 3 Contents Linguimericks—Book ३६

Consent Forms

Adam Baker

Accurate estimate of the likelihood that theoretical linguists will in fact use field research into non-European languages to “enrich our understanding of the world’s languages.”—20% ¶ Anything to specifically discourage informants’ notion that recording the voice confers ownership of the soul as well.—17% ¶ A contextualized understanding of informants’ rights to “stop participating at any time, with no bad feelings [except on the part of your fellow villagers, who will all know how you refused assistance to a stranger who has asked for your help thereby breaking a tradition of hospitality thousands of years in the making].”—27% ¶ Acknowledgement of how things worked out the last time foreigners arrived with a form that needed their signature.—17% ¶ Adequate conception of how individualistic Western-oriented statements of rights filter into non-Western peasant societies.—19% ¶

/nuz baɪts/
LinguimericksBook ३६
SpecGram Vol CLXXVII, No 3 Contents