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A Nindefinite Determinism


We are the Γραμματο-Χαοτικον, an underground alliance of linguists, philologists, and polyglots. Our self-appointed role is to encourage arbitrary and capricious change both in Language and among languages, world-wide. Our exploits are legion, and now reasonably well documented (see “The Γραμματο-Χαοτικον Manifesto”, SpecGram CL.4).

We continually machinate from the shadows, though every few years we announce various projects or take on sundry contracts.

Our newest caper is inspired by a pair of relatively famous etymologies*at least among those who recognize the concept of “relatively famous etymology”to wit:

a norangean orange
an apkina napkin

Our initial experiment has been to encourage the reanalysis of “astigmatism” as “a stigmatism”, whichthough far from completehas been sufficiently successful to warrant additional effort in this area. To that end, we are once again calling on our members, supporters, and groupies to aid us in our mission.

Suggestions provided below focus on linguistic- and language-related topics, where linguists, philologists, and polyglots can exercise the authority of their expertise to effect the desired changes.

Level 1simple n-accretion: a nabessive case, a nadjective, a necho question, a neggcorn, a nimplosive, a ninchoative aspect, a nindefinite determiner, a nopen class word, a noral cavity, a nunrounded vowel, a nutterance, a nŷĝĝḓřấŝíìλ, a nypsilon.

Level 1 Bonusadvanced n-accretion: a Nenglish creole, a Nindo-European language, a Nay-bar.

Level 2simple n-separation: an asal consonant, an ative speaker, an egation, an eologism, an euter gender, an eutralization, an ominal clause, an ominalizer, an ormative grammar, an oun, an oun phrase, an ull anaphora, an ull element, an ull morpheme.

Level 2 Bonusnonon: an on-configurational language, an on-count noun, an on-finite verb, an on-restrictive relative clause.

Level 3an-separation: an alogy, an alytic language, an aphor, an alysis

Level 3 Bonusreanalysisan realysis

Level 4any which way: an imate noun, a ninanimate noun, an otated corpus, a nunannotated corpus, an achronistic word, a nunanachronistic word, an alagous change, a nunanalagous change.

Level 5definitely pushing the boundaries!: the matic role, the oretical linguistics, the ory of communication, the saurus, the ta-marking, the ta-role.

May the oddness be ever in your favor!

* Note that these etymologies may be simplified, apocryphal, or outright lies. This matters not, as they are merely inspiration for deeds of derring-do.

From the Archives!SpecGram Propaganda IIIThe SpecGram Archive Elves™
Some Current Research out in the Frozen Wastelands of Current ResearchAssociate Editor Mikael Thompson
SpecGram Vol CLXXVII, No 2 Contents