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A Venery of TermsPart II
Collective Nouns for Linguists

X. Altaysh & Uvlarr Ksss
X. Quizzit Korps Center for Advanced Collaborative Studies

Of course one may refer to a group of linguists as “a group of linguists”, but then one clearly misses out on the subtle distinctions between kinds of linguists, and the generic joy of collective nounsa topic in which humans take all too keen an interest.

Gaggle is probably never entirely amiss when referring to an excess of linguists (generally held by civilized folk as more than three in any one location; perhaps four if the host is generous and the ventilation is adequate). Finer distinctions and greater euphony are to be had with the proper terms of venery, however.

We have opened the vaults of our athenæum so that we may share our trove of collected collective treasures. As with any linguistic act, the venereal human tongue is endlessly creative, and thus many groups have multiple collective nouns.

The second part of three is presented below.

More to come...

Against HermogenesAnders Horn
The sg-indexSeparating the Wheat from the ChaffThe SpecGram Data Science Interns
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