On Grammar—David Marino SpecGram Vol CLXXVI, No 1 Contents A Linguist Fine and Rare—H. Stephen Straight

Linguimericks, Etc.
Book ३०

A crank there once was of a flavor
That of nuts and of flakes both did savor
And from his belief
That Proto-Michif
Was Celtic he never did waver.
—Hester Fester-Münsterfenster

I know a conlanger who screams
That noone should mention morphemes.
“Don’t let some framework
Incite you to lame work!”
At transgressions of this he blasphemes.
—Pete Bleackley

The Neogrammarians’ work
Says that sound change has nary a quirk.
But I have my doubts
When th’ Armeniologist shouts
That PIE /*dw/ goes to /jɛrk/!
—Vaguely, in Words

With issues of SpecGram we’re blessed.
Such novelty, so well expressed!
It’s norm’ly satirical—
And even quite lyrical—
But monographs mid-month are best!
—Hēe Hü Wright Stu Lòŋ

In school some linguists, mocking more
Than learned, pledged to further nonsense
That often had been said before
In school. Some linguists, mocking more
Than learning, sought to root out cour-
Ses that offend the first group’s conscience
In school. Some linguists mocking, more
Than learned, pledged: To further nonsense!
—Pumptilian Perniquity

Seek you abstractions
And generalizations
But forget not Truth
—Lauren Ipsum

On GrammarDavid Marino
A Linguist Fine and RareH. Stephen Straight
SpecGram Vol CLXXVI, No 1 Contents