GHOST Grammar—Fang Gui-Ling SpecGram Vol CLXXV, No 3 Contents Bōard Gam̄es for̄ Linḡuists—Macron̄ Bradleȳ

Review of Lily Brown’s review of 张红宾的 review of 李丽丽的 review of Roger J. Smith’s Reported Speech in Chinese-英语 Codeswitching

Reviewed by Shr Ji Wei
SpecGram Institute of Obfuscational Linguistics

Brown asserts that 他说她主张 that Smith’s major claim was that 汉语-English codeswitching is fundamentally a change of stance. 乱讲! Her 观点完全没意思, as he points out that 她已经证明了 that he 实际上 claimed codeswitching 只 is a realignment of code, 功能就是免得 loss of empathy.

她对 his 观点 extremely critical, 甚至斥责他对 her concept of “realignment”的误会.

笔者认为, her criticism is 不完全 justified, but although her 评论 of his 评论对她的 criticism is based on an extremely shallow reading of 他对她对他的观点, her 观点 has 更高的 explanatory insight, vis-a-vis 本来的 question, than does his or her or his 评论.

GHOST GrammarFang Gui-Ling
Bōard Gam̄es for̄ LinḡuistsMacron̄ Bradleȳ
SpecGram Vol CLXXV, No 3 Contents