The Grapholinguist—Davis Prickett SpecGram Vol CLXXIV, No 2 Contents Hazards of Fieldwork Among the Hiithrobnsn—William Moore-Crusoe

Linguimericks, Etc.
Book २३

A misogynous linguist of yore
Made big headlines like no one before:
Only lads could express
Acquisitional success.
Nae a lass had a say in this lore.
—Cailín na Luimní

Doctor Johnson, as quick as a wink,
To a lady, while out for a drink,
When she said, “Sir, you smell,”
Responded to tell
Her, “No, Madam, you smellI stink!”
—Pete Bleackley

There once was a phonotactician
Who arranged phones with great erudition,
And the phones that would not
Fit so well in his chart,
He condemned straight to phonoperdition.
—Morris Swadesh III

A calque is a kind of translation,
But calque is a different formation.
It gives me great sorrow
That we had to borrow
The word to describe that relation!
—Chaz Tushka

Optimal schmoptimal
Analyze allomorphs’
Forms as derived

Memorize everything
Reduplications are
Simply learned twice
—Andrew Lamont

The GrapholinguistDavis Prickett
Hazards of Fieldwork Among the HiithrobnsnWilliam Moore-Crusoe
SpecGram Vol CLXXIV, No 2 Contents