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The Vowel Space DVD Boxed Set

Available for the first time ever in one collection!

All ten films in the classic cult sci-fi comedy horror franchise are available for the first time ever in one DVD boxed set!

Come revel in the spectacle of Gnome Chornsky playing Otto Jespersen XIVth across nearly four decades in this 13-Disc collection featuring all ten Vowel Space films and three all-new bonus discs. It’s the ultimate paean to this man’s man, this linguist’s linguist, this linguocosmological explorer’s linguocosmological explorer. His desiccated sense of humor and subtle snark explode onto the screen like a nasal-ingressive voiceless velar trill.

The year is ˨ ˩ ˦ ˧, and the λʎλʎ-class light-L cruiser H.M.S. Lateral Approximant enters an unknown nebula in a little-travelled quadrant of the galaxy known as Vowel Space. There the crew encounters a force unlike anything in the known universea spine-chilling, soul-crushing, mind-destroying, syllable-breaking, tone-terracing, high-falling terror from a mysterious place of articulation, with an utterly incomprehensible manner.

Thus the scene is set for one of the most epic and sweeping cinematic adventures ever to grace the silver screen. No, wait, I was thinking of Philologers of the Caribbean I, II, and IV. (III was just tripe.)

Vowel Space is not so grandiose. Rather, it’s a rib-cracking, head-stomping, lip-spreading good timewith more carnage per syllable than any other movie series ever made. And alien articulations abound: hexilabial trills, mandibular flaps, ocular fricatives, and old-school bone cracks punctuate nearly every scene. It’s so tense your vowels will move against your will.

Special bonus swag includes mini-poster reproductions of the original promotional artwork for six of the ten films. (Psammeticus Press Films owns the rights to the other four, and the bastards wouldn’t share!)

Vowel Space Vowel Space 2: The Lengthening Vowel Space 3: The Weakening

This collection features more than a hundred hours of bonus material, spread across all ten feature film discs, and three bonus discs:

The Vowel Space DVD Boxed Set Contents
Disc 1: Vowel Space (1976—R)
Disc 2: Vowel Space 2: The Lengthening (1978—R)
Disc 3: Vowel Space 3: The Weakening (1980—R)
Disc 4: Vowel Space IV: The Backening (1983—PG)
Disc 5: Vowel SpaceDiphthongs in Hell (1989—R)
Disc 6: Vowel Space 6: Rhotics Я Us (1993—PG-13)
Disc 7: Vowel Space SevenBeings from the Acoustic Dimension (1999—PG-13)
Disc 8: Vowel Space 8: Revenge of the Ladefoged (2002—R)
Disc 9: Vowel SpaceRound v. Unround: The Final Countdown (2009—R)
Disc 10: Vowel Space XXX: The Suckening (2011—NC-17)
Disc 11: Moving Around in Vowel SpaceBonus Features Disc A (Unrated)
Disc 12: Vowel SpaceRound v. Unround: Round 2!Bonus Features Disc 2 (Unrated)
Disc 13: Raising Ain: The Vowel Space Egyptological ConnectionBonus Features Disc III (Unrated)

Vowel Space—Diphthongs in Hell Vowel Space 8: Revenge of the Ladefoged Vowel Space XXX: The Suckening

The SpecGram InquisitionTrey Joneswith Inquisitor Generalis Jonathan Downie
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