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Of Human Charity and Goodwill

A Letter from the Executive Editor

In this month of Human Charity and Goodwill, the editors feel that you should hear directly from our editorial interns. Throughout the year they toil, thanklessly, in the background, hoping for just a small scrap of Kindness from you, the Reading Public whom they unstintingly serve. But so far this year, they haven’t received even a scrap.

So to assuage their wounds (and our consciences), we want to allow them to speak directly to you.

A Letter from the Editorial Interns:

Welcome to December. Really, we mean it. Welcome.

It’s our favorite time of the year (unless you count May, when we sometimes make a little extra cash by moonlighting as exam graders).

December gives us hope. Because we’ve seen previews of the spiffy marketing campaign that the advertising interns are running this year, and we can tell that a bunch of you readers are going to be bowled over, knocked off your feet, and otherwise noblesse obliged into buying copies of The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics. Or encouraging your significant others (one each, please) to buy it for you. Or, for you professors, giving a copy to each of your hard-working graduate students.

We want to encourage you to do thatbecause our internship “stipends” are drawn from SGEGL sales, and frankly, the balance sheet is looking a bit thin so far this year.

But really, you shouldn’t buy the book just for us. Even though we toil in substandard labor conditions for you. No, you should buy the book because it’s funny, and you (or your favorite linguist, or your graduate students) will enjoy it.

So do it for yourself, or for someone you love.

We’ll thank you even if you’re totally selfish.

—The Interns

Letters to the Editor
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