“A New Mechanism For Contact-Induced Change: Evidence From Maritime Languages”—by H.D. Onesimus—Reviewed by Morris Swadesh III SpecGram Vol CLXXI, No 1 Contents “New speech disorder linguists contracted discovered!”—by Yreka Bakery—Reviewed by April May June

“Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics”
by Trey Jones

From Speculative Grammarian CL.α, November 2005

Reviewed by Sheri Wells-Jensen

Having been asked kindly to write a review for Speculative Grammarian, I assembled the usual suspects and set forth on a lovely summer evening to Choose My Own Career in Linguistics. In this case, the usual suspects are my mother’s favorite, eager-to-please daughter, the scholar my students occasionally seem to believe me to be, my evil twin, and Euphrates the Cat. As we travel together frequently enough, this group seemed the ideal cohort. “Choose Your Own Career” is a choose-your-own-adventure saga which ran flawlessly on my iPhone. Given this flexibility, the four of us gathered on the couch and took turns revealing our destinies.

The results were quite satisfactory with the requisite quantity of poignant moments, poetic justice, luscious sweeping generalizations and, of course, explosions. Without revealing too much, I can say that, if you were to trust the wry (if not evil) genius behind the mechanism (which you may as well do), those of us who might choose or have chosen careers in linguistics more or less get what’s coming to uswith the exception of my evil twin whose astonishing success has led me to rethink a thing or two about how I conduct my affairs.

Euphrates the Cat ended up living the life of a sardonic skillionaire which is to be expected as this is how she generally rolls.

Yep. It was pretty accurate.

We all recommend this adventure to you wholeheartedly as, with the accuracy of well-dealt tarot or nicely tweaked tea leaves, it gives you a cogent peek into your future(s), whatever you might be planning.

“A New Mechanism For Contact-Induced Change: Evidence From Maritime Languages”by H.D. OnesimusReviewed by Morris Swadesh III
“New speech disorder linguists contracted discovered!”by Yreka BakeryReviewed by April May June
SpecGram Vol CLXXI, No 1 Contents