Trilabial Bill!—Mary Pearce SpecGram Vol CLXIV, No 4 Contents Close and Extended Relative Clauses—A Critical Account—Fang Gui-Ling

Revitalized Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know
(because they aren’t actually true)

gathered at great personal risk of
psycholinguistic harm from actual student papers
by Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

This 21st collection of students’ pearls of wisdom, laboriously digitised from hand-written papers, demonstrates once again how students new to the study of language speculate about grammar after having imperfectly absorbed what their teachers think they have taught them.

Test question

Children may produce the following forms, for the word swing:

a. [wɪŋ]
b. [fɪŋ]

Explain whether both forms can be taken as natural child renditions of the target word.


More to come...

Trilabial Bill!Mary Pearce
Close and Extended Relative ClausesA Critical AccountFang Gui-Ling
SpecGram Vol CLXIV, No 4 Contents