Language Evolution and the Acacia Tree—Sean Geraint SpecGram Vol CLXII, No 4 Contents IPA Code Puzzle II—Enchanted Household—Mary Shapiro


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“Linguist Owned and Operated Since 1986”

The Trill Hunter
Mon-Fri: 7:00 & 9:30pm
Sat-Sun: Noon, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, & 10:00pm
Midnight Showing Friday Night!

TOP GOVERNMENT & BINDING SECRETS REVEALED! • In a world where flapping lips and vibrating uvulas have overtaken the lives of everyday citizens, who will have the common man? • The reanimated corpse of OTTO JESPERSEN is THE TRILL HUNTER! • “Stunning!! No, seriously, it was so loud that I was literally stunned!” —ROGE REBERT • “Significantly better than a sharp stick in the eye!” —LEONAR D'MALTIN • “A tour de force of vibrato, spittle, and raw human emotion, aimed squarely as the phonological establishment.” —NOA McHOMSKY • JOHN M. JACOBSEN JINGLEHEIMERSEN SCHMIDTSEN PRESENTS A FILM BY ANDRÉ ØVERDONE • THE TRILL HUNTER • YOU’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN YOU HEAR IT

Conan the Librarian
Mon-Fri: 7:20 & 9:10pm
Sat-Sun: 12:20, 2:10, 4:50, 7:00, & 9:50pm
Midnight Showing Saturday Night!
CONAN THE LIBRARIAN • The reference desk is closed! • Shhhhhh! • Overdue! Overdue!

Tickets (all shows):
Adult: $7
Child: $5
Student: $6
Grad Student: $5.50
Professor: $32
Sociolinguist: $99.99

Language Evolution and the Acacia TreeSean Geraint
IPA Code Puzzle IIEnchanted HouseholdMary Shapiro
SpecGram Vol CLXII, No 4 Contents