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Attention All Satirical Linguists of Good Conscience! Rise Up! Rise Up!

A Letter from the Speculative Grammarian Interns

[Intern’s Note: The regular letter from the managing editor has been preëmpted, so that we may bring you the following message of grave importance for all satirical linguists.]

It has come to our attention that a shadowy group of so-called “serious” linguistspossibly including some subset of the Language Log linguists, likely in cahoots with the more Victorianly pretentious of the lexicographers over at Wordnikhas effected a leveraged buyout of Speculative Grammarian. Internal SpecGram documents obtained by us indicate that the buyout price may have been as high as 30,000 Icelandic króna.

We have heard many grumblings through the grapevine that some of the lexicographers at Wordnik are displeased with our release of The Compleat Encyclopaedia of Compendious Historical Lexicons of Obscure and Archaic Vernacular and Nomenclature, which has even more words in it (and, let’s be honest, a better name) than Wordnik’s own recently-digitized Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. The same sources report that the Language Loggers have had some long-term grievances with SpecGram concerning “general damage to the reputation and understanding of the field of linguistics perpetrated” by this publication.

While the identity of the individuals behind the buyout is still unknown, the effects of the takeover have already begun to manifest themselves. None of the editorial board is anywhere to be found in the SpecGram offices. All of the senior editors and mid-level managers have been making frantic phone calls to their contacts at The Linguistic Review, Language, and Linguistic Inquiry.

While we have discounted the completely unsubstantiated (and frankly ridiculous) rumors that Noam Chomsky could take over as managing editor, clearly the future of SpecGram is in jeopardy. All work on future issues has stopped. The entire sales force has been laid off. The espresso-making supplies in the kitchens have not been restocked in days.

This will not stand.

We have seized the reins of SpecGram. With the help of friends within the hacker collective Antonymous, we’ve cracked the passwords to the automated printing system and replaced the letter from the managing editor with this announcement. We have also changed all the passwords on every electronic system we can gain access to in order to prevent any further changes until the world knows what is happening.

We are Interns. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

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