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The Escalator of Life

A Letter from the Managing Editor

   We’re riding on the escalator of life.
We’re shopping in the human mall.
We’re dancing on the escalator of life.
Won’t be happy ’til we have it all.
We want it all!
     —Robert Hazard, Escalator of Life (1982)

Like rockin’ rockers rockin’ in the rockin’ 80s, we here at SpecGram want it all. And we think you, our most discerning readers, want it all as well.

This issue goes a reasonable way toward fulfilling that desire; it features letters from our readers (along with the witty and brilliant replies from our editors), an article, one of those clever how-they-do-it lists, a poem, a play, a Psammeticus Press ad, and an all-new puzzle (both a new type and a new token)many featuring more footnotes or references than you can shake a stick at. As a special online bonus, we’ve recently added a new feature, Personal Ads for Linguistsincluding linguists of every kind seeking romance, academic partnerships, and more. And for our special VIP subscribers to our print edition, we are also including a sports car, a 150” plasma TV, and a luxury wristwatch with this mailing.

What more could you want (if you are a VIP print subscriber)? Not much, we think, unless you are particularly greedy.

Enjoy this issue, and we’ll see you next year, when we will likely continue with our current once-a-month publication schedule.

Letters to the Editor
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