SpecGram Vol CLII, No γ Contents Shigudo, Reluctantly—Sir Edmund C. Gladstone-Chamberlain

Special Supplemental Letter from the Editor

Once again the editors of SpecGram have found ourselves in the pleasant position of having received a scholarly work that is too long for publication in a normal issue, and too good to not publish. And so, once again, we turn happily to our friends at Psammeticus Press (“Publishing anything that’s too long for Speculative Grammarian.”)

Before us today we have “Shigudo, Reluctantly” by the eminent linguistic scientist, Sir Edmund C. Gladstone-Chamberlain. We are honored to publish Professor Gladstone-Chamberlain’s manuscript, which he has informed us he could not and would not have entrusted to a lesser institutionfor who else would have taken the care to make sure this decades-spanning story was properly told? It is a story of friendship, scholarship, and steam ships, reaching across the gulfs of culture, language, and anthropological fieldwork to unite these good men in their quest for the unfettered linguistic truth. It is a tale of clever analyses in the field, bitter fear in academia, and, ultimately, prevailing against the globe-spanning odds through perseverance, pluck, and more perseverance.1

Thus, Speculative Grammarian, in association with and under the auspices of Psammeticus Press, is proud to present this monograph as a special pre-supplement to Volume CLII for our subscribers as well as our other, less remunerative readers.

1 Dr. Gladstone-Chamberlain has transferred controlling interest in the film rights of his gripping tale to this journal. Contact our promotions department for more information.

Shigudo, Reluctantly—Sir Edmund C. Gladstone-Chamberlain
SpecGram Vol CLII, No γ Contents