Call for Volunteers

If you’d like to help out your favorite journal of satirical linguistics, there are a several of things you can do!

Volunteer Editors: We'd like to expand the roles of our editorial board.  Duties include proofreading new issues before they are published, advising the senior editors on various projects,
contributing to collaborative articles, and even suggesting ideas for articles or projects. There’s no specific required level of participation, but you should at least plan to have time to proofread most new new issues during the the last week of the month. Rewards include membership in a fairly exclusive club, immense self-satisfaction, and the occasional inclusion on the cover of SpecGram as an “Editorial Associate”, and the ambitious can aspire to the rank of "Associate Editor.”

If you’d like to apply to be and editor, please send an email with the following information:

Also mention if you have any relevent technical skills—HTML,, programming, graphics editing, addiction to social media--that you might be willing to use to further SpecGram's goals of world domination.

 Articles: Finally, of course, no matter what has lead you here, you can submit an article to SpecGram! Check outour submissions page for more info, or just go ahead and send something in.

Podcasts: If you'd like to read an article for the SpecGram podcast, we’d love your help. Pick an article that doesn’t already have a podcast icon on its page and email me and let me know you’d like to record it, and we’ll go from there.


Trey Jones
Editor-in-Chief, Speculative Grammarian